Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lowering Your Risk for Alzheimer's Disease

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Of all of the wonderfully entertaining and informative articles that one of my favorite website's runs on a daily basis, there was a recent article that caught my eye, and had me engaged from the get-go. The article was on Alzheimer's Disease and effective ways to prevent its onset. The topic of Alzheimer's is a very important one for me, as Alzheimer's -- and dementia -- runs heavily in my family. I have always been worried about this, but try not to think of it too often, as there is not very much that can be done to a person afflicted with Alzheimer's once it has set in. 

This article, however, gave the reader something positive to focus on: prevention. Highlighting some of the many ways one can prevent Alzheimer's, through diet and mental exercise, was refreshing and informative. Instead of focusing on the fear and detriment of the disease, I now had several options that I could integrate into my daily routine that would lower my risk for Alzheimer's.

While diet does play a role in Alzheimer's prevention, exercise of the mind seems to be one of the best utilities in prevention. Playing games, solving puzzles and regularly putting your brain to the test are all great ways to strengthen the mind and keep it sharp throughout age. With this advice, I am ready to go to the store, buy a few Sudoku and crossword puzzles, and read another article from Healthy Women.

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