Monday, January 14, 2013

Emotional, Physical, Mental Rehab for Women

The simple and plain truth, is that women deal with emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental factors and stimuli in a much different way than men do. This being said, any serious issues affecting a woman's emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental health, must be dealt with in a manner much different than for a man with similar issues. Nowhere is this more obvious, than with the treatment of mental and behavioral conditions in women, when drug use and/or addiction is involved.

Many reports and studies that have been released in recent years, point to several key differences between an woman with an addiction, and a man with an addiction. For instance, recent studies have shown that women are much more likely to become physically dependent alcohol in 18  - 34 age range; however, women in this age range are also more likely to have an easier time in 12 step recovery programs, and are more likely to kick the addiction, than men in the same age group. Adversely, when men and women reach the age of 34, the numbers reverse themselves. Men in this latter age group tend to reach full-blown alcoholism more quickly than women; however alcoholics above 34 that are men, have an easier time kicking alcohol than women in this demographic. When it comes to certain types of drug addiction, the numbers waiver again, back and forth.

The factors that affect these back-and-forth swings in addiction trends, are still not understood fully. More research and studies must be undertaken before we can fully understand the effects of addiction on the brain, and how those effects should be properly treated. 

What behavioral health professionals and drug rehab specialists do understand, is that there is a necessity for drug treatment programs that are specifically designed for a man fighting addiction, or for a woman fighting addiction. By having gender-specific recovery efforts in-place, drug treatment programs are more likely to be successful, and the recovering addict is much more likly to have a successful long term addiction recovery.

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