Monday, November 12, 2012

Breast Implants: a Source of Confidence

Not many people would consider breast augmentation surgery a form of mental therapy, but the truth is that it offers more psychological benefits than traditionally perceived.

A good majority of women say that the appearance of their breasts is very important to them. Of those women, many admit that their moods, self esteem, or self image has been negatively affected by breast appearance. Why?

The female breast is more than just a simple body part, it is also a symbol of womanhood. When this symbol is a bit smaller than a woman would like, or if their appearance bothers them, their psyche can be affected.

Surgeons at Rocklin Cosmetic Surgery perform thousand of breast augmentations in Sacramento every year. These physicians see first hand how breast size can directly effect the mind through a woman's self image. Rocklin's surgeons see how a woman's self worth increases dramatically from consultation to procedure to post-operative check-ups. The difference in perception of self worth for these women is quite clear. With a new look at her breasts, a woman can quite easily feel more confidence and self esteem, and quite often begin to lead a healthier life through diet and exercise after the operation.

This outcome is not limited to breast augmentation surgery though; other procedures such as liposuction and cellulite treatment has produced similar results, having patients adopt healthier lifestyles to maintain the confidence boost that was offered by the initial surgery.

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