Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Overcoming Emotional Eating

You can call it by a number of different terms: compulsive eating, binge eating, emotional eating...

What ever moniker it falls under, the underlying condition is still the same: overeating as an emotional response to either negative self image or negative feelings about oneself. When this is the case, one must be very discerning when choosing a weight loss program, as their are underlying issues causing the increase in weight.

By only working on weight loss, and not addressing issues such as depression or low self esteem, you are really only dealing with the symptoms of a problem and not addressing the problem itself. Inversely, Hungry Heart, offering weight loss programs for women and men, understands the relationship between psychological issues and the symptomatic weight gain.

Hungry Heart's multitude of programs combine light psychological therapy with healthy diet and exercise in order to conquer yo-yo dieting and instill a healthy lifestyle that is easy to continue for years to come. This is a true way to treat the problem.

To learn more about the specifics of their techniques, or to browse through the different program options, visit the official Hungry Heart website at:

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