Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Great Find: The Safety Girl Roadside Emergency Kit

"Your roadside emergency kit includes the basics... a battery charger, a car jack, and road flares. But if the unthinkable ever happens, would you know what to do?

The Safety Girl Roadside Emergency Kit provides instructions on jumpstarting a dead battery and changing a flat tire, saving you the embarrassment of having to phone a friend in the case of an emergency. Furthermore, knowing how to recover from these situations without help is important... what if you were stranded on a back road and your cell phone had no service?

The Safety Girl Emergency Kit is designed specifically for the stylish, sexy, and sassy woman who is also smart enough to take charge and be prepared for anything. You never know what could happen, but this important tool will make sure you are ready for anything with an emergency blanket, bandages, an emergency contact list (and pencil) and more.

But wait, that's not all... is it ladies? We women are even more likely to encounter our own little emergencies.

Only with the Safety Girl Emergency Kit will you be completely prepared for anything!

Also included in this stylish little box are everything you need for a crisis, from spot remover and a sewing kit to lip moisturizer, breath freshener, and antiperspirant.

These little tools are very useful because you never know when there might be a spill, tear, or other dilemma. Of course, no emergency kit for women would be complete without also including tampons and chocolate. Although this may sound funny to a man, they would never understand what a true "chocolate emergency" is... and that doesn't matter because you can always be prepared for an emergency of such dramatic stress by owning this roadside emergency kit designed specifically for women." (Caryn Murray)

I know I want one of these and you can get it on amazon for only $29.99!! Sold!

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